Little Scotty Passed!

The youngest Furrkid – Scotty

On a lighter note, the youngest furrkid – Scotty has passed his obedience test. After attending about 6 classes, he has finally learnt how to sit, down, stay (not very well), come, take and leave.

Being the attention seeking rascal that he is – he decided to do everything perfectly during the test – more yummy treats for his tummy. The other fur parents were amazed at how well he did it. :D

But at home – ah… it’s a different story. This poor mama has had to chase him down the street many a time when he decides that he’s a bigger dog than the other neighbourhood dogs and chases them to nip them. He has been lucky so far that those bigger ones have taken off running when they see him, otherwise there might be a pooch chow.

The plus point of the training, he doesn’t pull at the leash unlike the other 2 older furrkids. And he doesn’t rush at the food and will wait until the command is given. So all in all, this mama is quite happy with the training class.

The class was organised by Charmine and Kam Hoong from Happie N Jovie – the furrkids grooming center, and held at the field nearby their store in BU Centerpoint. The trainer was a super patient lady – Rubini. Many thanks to them for imparting some discipline to the rascal.

2 thoughts on “Little Scotty Passed!

  1. Where are my other furry ‘nephews’ and ‘nieces’?!? Not that Scotty isn’t a cutie, but the others deserve to be in the limelight too, MOL

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