Little Scotty Passed!

The youngest Furrkid – Scotty

On a lighter note, the youngest furrkid – Scotty has passed his obedience test. After attending about 6 classes, he has finally learnt how to sit, down, stay (not very well), come, take and leave.

Being the attention seeking rascal that he is – he decided to do everything perfectly during the test – more yummy treats for his tummy. The other fur parents were amazed at how well he did it. :D

But at home – ah… it’s a different story. This poor mama has had to chase him down the street many a time when he decides that he’s a bigger dog than the other neighbourhood dogs and chases them to nip them. He has been lucky so far that those bigger ones have taken off running when they see him, otherwise there might be a pooch chow.

The plus point of the training, he doesn’t pull at the leash unlike the other 2 older furrkids. And he doesn’t rush at the food and will wait until the command is given. So all in all, this mama is quite happy with the training class.

The class was organised by Charmine and Kam Hoong from Happie N Jovie – the furrkids grooming center, and held at the field nearby their store in BU Centerpoint. The trainer was a super patient lady – Rubini. Many thanks to them for imparting some discipline to the rascal.

“Meaningful Coincidence”

Have you ever had a “deja-vu” moment – perhaps you were thinking of a old friend whom you’ve not contacted for a long time, suddenly “ding” an email comes in, or an IM or a phone call and you and the friend are catching up like it was just yesterday. Or you’re in desperate need of something and have been searching high and low for it and just as you are about to give up, someone gives it to you or let’s you know where to find it. Coincidence or just something more?

“Meaningful Coincidence” is a book by Jan Cederquist, a Swedish author. He was a famous copywriter in Sweden and retired in 1994. This book contains stories of synchronicity – coincidental incidences which occurred to him in his life and his exploration into synchronicity. It is a provoking read to reflect on one’s own life coincidences and wonder if there is some higher conciousness at work which brings us what we need at the right time. Do a quick search on Amazon, and there are a number of books dealing with this topic.

Next time something coincidental happens to you out of the blue, stop a moment, smile , say thank you because “someone up there” was thinking of you. Now, it’s back to the book for me.


“Touch” which recently ended its first season provides some cat musings. If you have somehow missed the show and the media around “24″ star Kiefer Sutherland as the lead – the show revolves around the premise of a father (Martin) trying to communicate with his “mute” and emotionally distant/disturbed son (Jake) after the death of his wife on 911. Throughout his 11 years of life, Jake has not spoken other than bouts of screaming when touched/grabbed by his father or others. The series’ plot revolves around Jake’s fascination with numbers – writing them down in a notebook, displaying them on handphones, etc; and how these numbers relate to events happening to people whose life’s are touched by Martin in his quest to discover the meanings behind the numbers and to understand his son. In most cases, the ripples from the events touch other life’s around the world in positive ways.

Now what does this have to do with this entry – well, “Touch” shows how positive actions bring about positive ripples. But what would this action which I will describe below bring about?

I had been dropped off by my husband at the Bank while he went circling around the area since it was nigh well impossible to find a parking spot, and a number of cars were double parked during the lunch and Friday prayer hour. On his way to pick me up, he saw a smartly dressed young man who was busy putting his gym and fitness regimes to good use by kicking the front of a Proton Wira – the reason – the Wira was parked behind his car, and he could not get out, and the owner of the Wira was no where to be found. I would assume that said young man had already done the usual “toot the horn” before finally exploding.

The Wira’s headlights and side lamps were no match to the kicks and had already shattered, the front bonnet also sported a dent – most likely from yet another flying kick/stomp. The poor car had actually moved back several inches due to the vigor of the kicks. Whether or not that young man actually managed to “kick” the car out of the way – we will never know as my husband decided that picking me up was more important than seeing the end.

It made me wonder what “ripples” would come out of this little drama – what would the Wira owner do and would he take out his anger at the damage on someone else, would the young man’s temper would continue to boil for the remainder of the day and who else would bear the lash of his temper. I am fairly certain that with all the kicks inflicted on the car, the young man’s own feet, ankles, knees would probably have suffered some degree of injury as well. Would there be “Crimes of passion/anger” later which could be traced back to either one of the party’s actions today.

Two wrongs do not make a right. What would you, dear reader, have done in the young man’s place – would you have given some thought about the possible consequences of the actions.